November 2018 WLG Newsletter

Giving Thanks

This is the time of year we like to pause and reflect on that for which we are thankful. In our personal lives, we often share these thoughts around the table at Thanksgiving. We would like to say “thank you” for the people and things that make our lives more fulfilling. Here are our top three things that we at Ward Legal Group are thankful for.

The Ability to Help Clients Plan

Elder Law attorneys care greatly for their clients and like to see things go smoothly for them, especially as difficult issues arise. We are thankful for the ability to help clients plan, even if it is not in the most ideal of circumstances. We often see clients coming to our office to get their affairs in order, before anything happens such as a period of incapacity, but sometimes clients come to us in crisis mode. A sudden incapacity, nursing home admission, or death in the family can turn things upside down. Even in these situations, there may be opportunities to plan.

One of the best compliments that we have heard is “I feel like a burden has been lifted” before a client leaves the office. We strive to provide our clients with superior service and help them plan for and through life’s transitions.

Support Systems

Our office is a place where legal analysis is conducted and where legal documents are prepared; however, it is also a place where our clients are heard, encouraged to express all of the issues they are facing, and where connections are made.

Having support when you need it is important. We are thankful when trustworthy and committed family members, friends, neighbors, non-profit organizations, and professional advisors are also available to our clients. We have seen many devoted family members, and “family” that is not necessarily blood relatives provide immense assistance, whether it is daily care or researching advisors and information to get someone the assistance s/he may need. We are very grateful to those who seek out an elder law attorney and bring us together.

Our own support systems include our family members, professional colleagues, neighbors and our friends. Without our supporters, we would be unable to continue doing what we love.

Our Practice

All of us here enjoy what we do for a living. We take great pride in our people-centered law firm and developing lasting relationships with our clients. We work in a special pocket of New Hampshire, with Vermont right across the river. We all have or are currently raising our families here and enjoy the small-town life, forests, lakes, and the seasons of our region.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! Enjoy your family and friends this holiday season.


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